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Ban Ki-moon to visit Iraq Thursday, encourage Maliki to speedily fulfill remaining obligations to Kuwait


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

 UNITED NATIONS, Dec 5 (KUNA) -- Following his visit to Kuwait on Wednesday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is scheduled to visit Iraq on Thursday, to "strongly" encourage its leaders to implement the country's remaining obligations to Kuwait and "expedite this process as soon as possible." Ban told KUNA in an interview that he is "encouraged" by the improvement in the relationship between the two countries, "but more needs to be done." "I am excited to visit Kuwait again. This time, I am going to visit both Kuwait and Iraq," he said, indicating that he intends to discuss the matter with the leadership of both countries.
In Kuwait, the UN Chief is scheduled to meet with His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Sabah Al-Kaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.
"I am encouraged that, through high-level exchange of visits and positive outcome of the second session of the Joint Iraq-Kuwait Ministerial Committee last April, the relationship between Kuwait and Iraq is improving, but more needs to be done," he stressed.
He disclosed that "recently, I have been speaking to Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and I have been encouraging him to do all what Iraq is required to do in improving relationship with Kuwait and in also implementing relevant international obligations to Kuwait." "They (Iraqi leaders) want to be off the Council agenda (Chapter VII), but I would really strongly encourage Prime Minister Al-Maliki to expedite this process as soon as possible," he insisted. Kuwait had agreed on October 23 to endorse a deal on the settlement of the financial dispute between Kuwait and Iraq. It approved the pact reached by the two sides on July 18, 2012, to settle the financial dispute between (the formerly named) Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) and Iraq Airways and stop litigations in this regard.
Kuwait had also agreed to a settlement concerning navigational rights in the Khor Abdallah waterway. This week the Iraqi Government announced the names for the technical team of the border maintenance Project and will immediately update the list of farmers entitled to compensation. Ban wants both countries to build on these "positive developments." He disclosed that when Kuwait took the "positive measure" on Iraqi airways, "I telephoned Prime Minister Maliki to take this opportunity as a way to improve the relationship (with Kuwait). He told me he discussed this with the Prime Minister of Kuwait. I am going to really encourage both leaders" to continue to cooperate.
When he visited Kuwait and Iraq last March, he added, "I was very much encouraged. For the first time, there was an exchange of visits between the leaders in both countries. I hope this kind of relationship will continue." Ban believes "there needs to be a successor" to Gennady Tarasov, the High-Level Coordinator for the missing Kuwaitis and property, who will relinquish his post by end of the month.
"There are discussions going on between the UN Secretariat, the Security Council and also with both countries. Depending upon the outcome of these consultations, we will appoint a successor," Ban said.
Asked whether the Iraq-Kuwait issues will remain under the Security Council's care, as Kuwait insists, or be negotiated bilaterally between the two countries, as Iraq prefers, Ban said "it depends on the results of the consultations. One of my subjects to discuss with the leaders in both countries is this issue." On when he believes all the files between the two countries will be closed, Ban said "many issues have been resolved and implemented, but there are a few more issues. It is important that both countries, particularly both leaderships, discuss these matters and try to resolve all outstanding issues, so that, as far as Iraq is concerned, it can be able to implement all (relevant) Security Council resolutions." Ban is scheduled to issue a report to the Council on his trip on December 10th, and the Council is scheduled to discuss it on December 17th.
Ban said he is "very satisfied" in working together with the Kuwaiti government and the Kuwaiti delegation in New York, stressing that Kuwait is a "strong partner" of the UN at all levels.
Ban is scheduled to meet in Kuwait with his newly-appointed Humanitarian Envoy for Kuwait Abdullah Al-Matoug. Ban appointed him last week in a "further step to strengthen the engagement with the Government of Kuwait." On the recent Kuwaiti Parliamentary elections, Ban said Kuwait is the "only Gulf country which has had a long tradition of 50 years of parliamentary elections and also recognized women's voting rights since 2006." His hope was that more women won Parliament seats.
On the other hand, he described the vote in the General Assembly last week to upgrade the Palestinian status to a non-member Observer State as "an important and historic development," reiterating his position that the genuine aspirations of the Palestinian people for a viable and independent State is a "legitimate one and long overdue." "I would like to see both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to immediately resume negotiations, to enable them to resolve all outstanding issues," he urged.
There were expectations from many member states, he added, that "it would have been better if the Palestinian bid came as a result of the negotiations between the two parties, but now that the General Assembly has decided, I think this is a dear decision, and they should work for a permanent settlement of outstanding issues." Asked if the Mideast Quartet, of which he is a member, along with the US, EU and Russia, has been doing a credible job, not even being able to meet, Ban came to its defense saying it has been playing a "very important role, making great contributions. I'll continue to work to contribute to an ultimate peace process." On events in Syria, he said he is "extremely concerned" about the way the Syrian crisis is unfolding. "The military violence must stop immediately" by both government and opposition forces. "They cannot go on like this way," he insisted, saying the Joint Special Representative for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, will soon discuss the matter with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
After his visit to Kuwait and Iraq, Ban is scheduled to visit thousands of Syrian refugees at the Jordanian and Turkish borders. (end)


Ban Ki-moon untuk melawat Iraq Khamis, menggalakkan Maliki cepat memenuhi baki obligasi ke Kuwait

BANGSA-BANGSA BERSATU, 5 Dis (KUNA) - Berikutan lawatan beliau ke Kuwait pada hari Rabu, Setiausaha Agung Ban Ki-moon dijadual melawat Iraq pada hari Khamis, "kuat" menggalakkan pemimpin untuk melaksanakan obligasi selebihnya negara ke Kuwait dan " mempercepatkan proses ini secepat mungkin. " KUNA Ban memberitahu dalam satu wawancara bahawa dia adalah "digalakkan" oleh peningkatan dalam hubungan antara kedua-dua negara, "tetapi lebih banyak yang perlu dilakukan." "Saya teruja untuk melawat Kuwait lagi. Kali ini, saya akan melawat kedua-dua Kuwait dan Iraq," katanya, menunjukkan bahawa dia bercadang untuk membincangkan perkara itu dengan kepimpinan kedua-dua negara.
Di Kuwait, Ketua PBB dijadualkan untuk bertemu dengan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Putera Mahkota Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Perdana Menteri Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Luar, Sheikh Sabah Al-Kaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.
"Saya digalakkan bahawa, melalui pertukaran peringkat tinggi dan lawatan hasil positif sesi kedua Bersama Iraq-Kuwait Jawatankuasa Menteri April lalu, hubungan antara Kuwait dan Iraq bertambah baik, tetapi lebih banyak yang perlu dilakukan," tegas beliau .
Beliau mendedahkan bahawa "baru-baru ini, saya telah bercakap dengan Perdana Menteri Iraq Nouri Al-Maliki dan saya telah menggalakkan beliau untuk melakukan segala apa yang Iraq diperlukan untuk lakukan dalam meningkatkan hubungan dengan Kuwait dan juga melaksanakan obligasi antarabangsa yang relevan ke Kuwait." "Mereka (pemimpin Iraq) mahu menjadi agenda Council (Bab VII), tetapi saya benar-benar amat menggalakkan Perdana Menteri Al-Maliki untuk mempercepatkan proses ini secepat mungkin," beliau menegaskan. Kuwait telah dipersetujui pada 23 Oktober untuk menyokong perjanjian pada penyelesaian pertikaian kewangan antara Kuwait dan Iraq. Ia meluluskan pakatan yang dicapai oleh kedua-dua pihak pada 18 Julai, 2012, untuk menyelesaikan pertikaian kewangan antara (yang dahulunya dinamakan) Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) dan Iraq Airways dan berhenti litigasi dalam hal ini.
Kuwait juga telah bersetuju untuk penyelesaian mengenai hak pelayaran di perairan Abdallah Khor. Minggu ini Kerajaan Iraq mengumumkan nama-nama untuk pasukan teknikal Projek penyelenggaraan sempadan dan akan segera mengemaskini senarai petani berhak kepada pampasan. Ban mahu kedua-dua negara untuk membina "perkembangan positif." Beliau mendedahkan bahawa apabila Kuwait mengambil "langkah positif" pada saluran pernafasan Iraq, "Saya menelefon Perdana Menteri Maliki mengambil kesempatan ini sebagai satu cara untuk memperbaiki hubungan (dengan Kuwait). Beliau memberitahu saya beliau berbincang dengan Perdana Menteri Kuwait. saya akan benar-benar menggalakkan kedua-dua pemimpin "untuk terus bekerjasama.
Apabila beliau melawat Kuwait dan Iraq pada Mac lepas, katanya, "saya adalah amat digalakkan. Untuk kali pertama, terdapat pertukaran lawatan antara pemimpin di kedua-dua negara. Saya berharap ini jenis hubungan akan terus." Ban percaya "perlu ada pengganti" Gennady Tarasov, Penyelaras Peringkat Tinggi untuk Kuwait hilang dan harta, yang akan melepaskan jawatannya menjelang akhir bulan ini.
"Terdapat perbincangan berlaku di antara Sekretariat PBB, Majlis Keselamatan dan juga dengan kedua-dua negara. Bergantung kepada hasil perundingan ini, kita akan melantik pengganti," kata Ban.
Ditanya sama ada itu isu Iraq-Kuwait akan kekal di bawah jagaan yang Majlis Keselamatan ini, sebagai Kuwait menegaskan, atau boleh dirundingkan dua hala antara kedua-dua negara, seperti Iraq lebih suka, Ban berkata "ia bergantung pada keputusan konsultasi. Satu subjek saya untuk berbincang dengan pemimpin-pemimpin di kedua-dua negara adalah isu ini. " Apabila dia percaya semua fail antara kedua-dua negara akan ditutup, Ban berkata "banyak isu telah diselesaikan dan dilaksanakan, tetapi terdapat beberapa isu yang lebih. Ia adalah penting bahawa kedua-dua negara, khususnya kedua-dua kepimpinan, membincangkan perkara ini dan cuba untuk menyelesaikan semua isu-isu tertunggak, supaya, sejauh Iraq adalah berkenaan, ia boleh menjadi mampu untuk melaksanakan semua (berkenaan) resolusi Majlis Keselamatan. " Ban dijadualkan untuk menerbitkan laporan kepada Majlis dalam perjalanan beliau pada 10 Disember, dan Majlis dijadualkan berbincang pada 17 Disember.
Ban berkata beliau adalah "sangat berpuas hati" dalam bekerja bersama-sama dengan kerajaan Kuwait dan delegasi Kuwait di New York, menekankan bahawa Kuwait adalah "rakan kongsi kuat" PBB di semua peringkat.
Ban dijadualkan untuk bertemu di Kuwait dengan Duta yang baru dilantik Kemanusiaan untuk Kuwait Abdullah Al-Matoug. Ban melantik beliau minggu lepas dalam "langkah seterusnya untuk mengukuhkan penglibatan dengan Kerajaan Kuwait." Pada pilihan raya Parlimen baru-baru ini Kuwait, Ban berkata Kuwait adalah "satu-satunya negara Teluk yang mempunyai tradisi lama 50 tahun pilihan raya parlimen dan juga mengiktiraf hak mengundi wanita sejak 2006." Harapan beliau bahawa lebih ramai wanita memenangi kerusi Parlimen.
Sebaliknya, beliau menyifatkan undi dalam Perhimpunan Agung minggu lepas untuk menaik taraf status Palestin Negeri yang bukan ahli Pemerhati sebagai "pembangunan yang penting dan bersejarah," mengulangi kedudukan beliau bahawa aspirasi tulen rakyat Palestin yang berdaya maju dan Negeri bebas adalah "satu yang sah dan lama tertangguh." "Saya mahu melihat kedua-dua pemimpin Israel dan Palestin untuk segera menyambung semula rundingan, untuk membolehkan mereka menyelesaikan semua isu-isu tertunggak," beliau menggesa.
Terdapat jangkaan dari banyak negara-negara anggota, katanya, bahawa "ia akan menjadi lebih baik jika tawaran Palestin datang sebagai hasil rundingan antara kedua-dua pihak, tetapi sekarang bahawa Perhimpunan Agung telah memutuskan, saya rasa ini adalah satu keputusan yang dikasihi , dan mereka harus bekerja untuk penyelesaian kekal isu-isu tertunggak. " Ditanya jika Kuartet Timur Tengah, di mana dia adalah ahli, bersama-sama dengan Amerika Syarikat, Kesatuan Eropah (EU) dan Rusia, telah melakukan kerja yang boleh dipercayai, tidak dapat memenuhi, Ban datang untuk pertahanan berkata ia telah memainkan "sangat penting peranan, membuat sumbangan besar. Saya akan terus bekerja untuk menyumbang kepada proses damai muktamad. " Pada peristiwa di Syria, beliau berkata beliau adalah "sangat prihatin" tentang cara krisis Syria unfolding. "Keganasan tentera mesti berhenti segera" oleh kerajaan dan pihak pembangkang. "Mereka tidak boleh pergi seperti cara ini," beliau menegaskan, berkata Bersama Wakil Khas bagi Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, akan membincangkan perkara itu dengan Setiausaha Negara Amerika Syarikat Hillary Clinton.
Selepas lawatan beliau ke Kuwait dan Iraq, Ban dijadualkan untuk melawat beribu-ribu pelarian Syria di Jordan dan sempadan Turki.

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