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Iraq, Kuwait reach agreement over UN Qasr border; Creates opportunity to complete re-determination of border

Posted: March 17, 2013

Iraq, Kuwait reach agreement over borders re-determination
Sunday, 17 March 2013

(AIN) -Kuwait announced reaching an agreement with Iraq to build houses for Iraqis in the border villages in UM Qasr district associated to Basra in order to complete re-determining the borders between both countries.


Tahir al-Fliqawi, the rappatuer of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Kuwaiti National Assembly said on Sunday “The Commission discussed the recent events at the Iraqi-Kuwaiti borders with the delegation of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait, Mohamed Bahr al-Oloum.”

The Ministry’s delegation pointed out that “The Iraqi houses are near the Kuwaiti borders where their existence represents security violation, so the two sides agreed to build 200 residential units located three kilometers far from the borders and demolish all the houses near the borders and shelter their inhabitants in UM Qasr to settle the file of the borders re-determination.”

source : http://alliraqnews.com


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