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 Completion of 80 percent of the budget in 2014  20 October 2014 

Baghdad,  Sources in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the near completion of a draft federal budget for 2014, confirming the success of the ministerial committee technically competent in resolving 80 percent of its clauses and issues that are involved and to develop solutions to them in order to be referred to the Cabinet at its next for approval and sent to the House of Representatives next week.

The sources, who requested anonymity in an interview for the "morning" that "specialized ministerial committee was able to resolve 80 percent of the amendments to the draft federal budget for this year in preparation for approval at meetings of the Council of Ministers next and forwarded to the Parliament" members of the relevant committee, The approval is near where a large part of the problems that caused the delay underwent modification was processed as the working of the Technical Committee is to resolve the rest of the paragraphs to be presented to the Cabinet at the earliest and MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki government to speed up the dispatch budget for the current year to the House of Representatives for approval before the end of the year Almalah.oukal al-Maliki said in a statement the "morning" that the government did not send the draft budget until the moment to Parliament while the fiscal year is nearing completion, and the remaining ones are supposed to be allocated to discuss next year's budget in 2015

pointing that any delay will contribute to creating more political problems and said that "there are many aspects of the commitments in the economic and investment as well as deficits in most local councils due to delay in the arrival of the annual financial allocations that contribute to meet the needs of the province." 

and that the National Alliance as the largest bloc in the Parliament and through the formation of the new government, the demands to do his duties and responsibilities towards the fans that voted for him, adding that approving the budget amendments are better than non-Agherarha.mn part, supported the Kurdistan Alliance MP and member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives interim Najiba Najib, Speaking of the "morning," asking the Attorney-Maliki's government to speed up sending the budget for a vote. 

And crossed Najib expressed optimism decisively soon, especially after the success of the parliament to vote on the security minister and completeness of the new government formation and reverse understandings and political consensus to cross the problems of the current phase and the desire of the parties to resolve contentious issues and files.. 

Council of Ministers decided on September 30 last - the formation of a technical committee headed by the Ministry of Finance The membership of the ministries of oil and Planning and the Central Bank and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to discuss the problems of the current budget and put her handlers.



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