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Finance Committee Member: CBI has new plan to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to start in early June

Posted: May 25, 2013

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Baghdad / Orr News
A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that the central bank told us that he will implement a new plan to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange either the U.S. dollar.

A member of the Committee Faleh Djiashi, that “the central bank told the parliamentary Finance Committee that an action plan will begin to apply early next June, would be enough to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar.”

He added that “the central bank works to reduce the number of companies that deal with it and put the money in the auction which will lead to a reduction in the value of the dollar and reliance on monetary policy open without complicated procedures and controls and a wide open field in front of the government banks.”

The Finance Committee has announced the formation of a small committee composed of three deputies to monitor Srvaldanar of Iraq against the dollar, stressing that the practical measures undertaken by the central bank last week led to address the problem gradually.

The parliament may ضيفت week current governor of the Central Bank and the Agency Abdul Basit Turki and discussed with him the reasons for the high price of the dollar against the dinar.

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