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Iraq to welcome foreign investors at major London convention and offer stake in the country’s economic and financial future.

A major investment conference for Iraq will get underway in London next week from the 17-18 September (http://www.iraqfinance.co.uk).

A high-level delegation, endorsed by Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and led by the Deputy Prime Minister, Rowsch Shaways, will be welcomed by the UK Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Lord Green, at London’s Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

Iraq is embarking on a major redevelopment programme and all government departments are preparing for huge growth and expansion said Deputy Prime Minister Shaways.  ”The aims and objectives of Iraq Finance 2012 complement the urgent needs and reforms required across the country“.

The delegation will discuss Iraq’s investment requirements and key opportunities for regenerating the country’s financial sector. Iraqi Ministers and government officials are expected to call upon the support of the international community to help in financing Iraq’s reconstruction.

It’s also a chance for foreign investors to discover the massive financial potential in a stabilised Iraq. The country is already emerging as a major centre for international investment following its long isolation from world markets. Major opportunities exist across several industries if the appropriate financing and domestic banking sector is fully established. Iraq will use the conference to present its ideas for PPP and project financing, as well as a series of reforms and investments for its banking sector, including the restructuring of state banks.

The event has already attracted widespread investor attention. Leading investment and private banks are taking part together with IOCs, technology companies, insurance providers, and other financial institutions, all hoping to capitalise on the reconstruction of Iraq’s physical and financial infrastructure.

Haider al Abadi, Chairman of Iraq’s Parliamentary Finance Committee said: “This conference will contribute to the existing work of the committee by exploring mechanisms for regenerating the financial sector through active participation and dialogue with international clients, as well as to address any immediate and long term needs for reform“.

Event: Iraq Finance 2012 – international conference on finance and banking in Iraq

Date:  Tuesday 18 – Wednesday 19 September 2012

Venue: The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

Website: http://www.iraqfinance.co.uk

Key Confirmed Attendees and Speakers:

  1. H.E Dr Rowsch Shaways, Deputy Prime Minister
  2. H.E Dr Qusayl Al-Suhail, First Deputy President of Parliament
  3. H.E Dr Rafe Al Essawi, Minister of Finance
  4. H.E Dr Sinan-al-Shabibi, Central Bank Governor
  5. H.E Dr Ali Yusuf Al Shukri, Minister of Planning and Development
  6. H.E Eng. Mohammed Al-Darraji, Minister of Construction & Housing
  7. H.E Dr Sami Al-Araji, Chairman, National Investment Commission
  8. H.E Dr Haider Al-Abadi, Chairman, Parliamentary Finance Committee
  9. Hamdiyah-al-Jaff, Chairman and President, Trade Bank of Iraq

The Aim

Iraq Finance 2012 will facilitate constructive dialogue and exchanges between all the key players to rebuild a world-class banking and financial services industry in Iraq.

The Objectives

  • To discuss opportunities for regenerating the banking and financial services industry in Iraq.
  • To introduce the current state of banking and finance in Iraq to international investors.
  • To develop a comprehensive assessment of the Iraqi banking and financial services industry and address needs for reform and investment.
  • To examine the issues relating to the mobilisation of investment and project finance for the Iraqi private and public sectors.
  • To examine the state of corporate financing in Iraq and the sources for equity, short-term and long-term debt financing for the Iraqi private sector.
  • To promote collaboration between Iraqi Ministers, Deputies, Advisors, CBI officials, heads of government, Director Generals, senior parliamentarians, and financial experts with their international counterparts.

Key Topics

  • The current state of banking and finance in Iraq.
  • Immediate and long term strategies of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.
  • The mobilisation of debt and equity finance for the Iraqi private sector.
  • The financing of large scale infrastructure projects and Public-Private Partnerships
  • The use of development aid from international agencies.
  • The use of export finance and tied loans.
  • Iraq’s indebtedness and factors behind its credit-worthiness.
  • Business in Iraq – the ins and outs.
  • An overview of government reforms and investment needed in:
    - Banking
    - Investment banking
    - Insurance
    - Project and corporate finance
    - Leasing
    - Capital Markets
    - Money Markets
    - Consumer Finance
    - Payments and Technology
    - Development Finance
    - Export Finance
    - Private Equity
    - Hedge Funds

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