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Iraq plans to start exporting oil from the new port in the Gulf in February

 Officials said that Iraq's oil sector, plans to start exporting crude oil from the first port of three new offshore export terminals in the Gulf at the beginning of February, a move that will raise the export capacity by 900 thousand barrels per day.
Increased export capacity milestone in Iraq's ambitious plans to revitalize the oil industry after years of war and economic sanctions, neglect and jumped to the ranks of senior producers and exporters in the world.
Iraqi officials had expected to start exporting oil from the port of the first of these new ports in the first of January, but test the new export pipeline is not yet complete.
Officials said the consultations between the Ministry of Oil and South Oil Company Inc. and Foster Wheeler project manager in the last week resulted in this new schedule.
Said Asim Jihad, spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry said it expected to complete the final test of the new export pipeline and export facilities other pertaining to the first floating port end of this month.
It will also raise the export capacity in the Gulf, which cost $ 1.3 billion in the establishment of marine pipelines inland line in addition to four ports for loading tankers.
He said an engineer in a project to raise the export capacity of the South Oil Company told Reuters that the establishment of dual pipeline, which extends 60 km and will carry crude to ports of the mainland has been completed but will require the completion of the test two weeks at least.
He said the engineer, who requested anonymity, "was supposed to complete our work on the project earlier, but we need more time to conduct final tests for any possible leaks and the completion of the installation of valves, pipes.
"We'll be ready to start the export port of the first end of this month."
He said that other ports will be installed by the end of the year.

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