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A seminar on Iraq’s accession to the WTO

With the continuation of the debate in economic circles about the feasibility of Iraq’s accession to the WTO, held in the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce (Sunday) a seminar discussion of the definition of the benefits of the accession of Iraq, seeking since 1987 to achieve this goal, has already succeeded in 2004 to join the international organization, but membership was restricted, as it has joined as an observer in the first phase, on the road to full membership.

The seminar saw a difference in the views put forward by the experts, planners, and the audience was divided between supporters of Iraq’s accession to this international organization, and the other rejecting it for the time being.

He sees Faleh Al Alwan, who attended as Mhazer that the accession of Iraq at this time the organization has many disadvantages, for reasons including the economic situation in Iraq does not allow for the time being the fact that the infrastructure is not ready for such Transitional, as well as the industrial and agricultural sectors are not eligible So, too, as he put it.

The position of the Ministry of Planning in conformity with the official views of some experts, when he called on the ministry’s spokesman to wait to declare Iraq’s accession to full membership at the moment, on the grounds that Iraq needs a lot of changes on the economic situation before they have the full membership.

And the Ministry of Commerce defended its position, and demonstrating the ministry represented at the symposium Solafah Samir that the benefits of accession to the WTO as the largest economic bloc in the world, which includes 155 countries, far more than the disadvantages.


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