11/8/2011 12:04 PM

BAGHDAD: The process of the US troops withdrawal from

Iraqi territories is taking place continuously and in a routine
manner, an Iraqi Miliary source said on Tuesday.

"The the US troops withdrawal is taking place in a routine manner and
according to a plan, prepared by the American forces, that is taking
place through the highways
in central and southern Iraq towards the strategic highway, allocated
for the foreign forces in Iraq since 2003," the Iraqi military source
told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

He said that the American forces "are carrying out their logistic
appliances, along with other goods and soldiers through the Startegic
Highway," adding that "the American forces would head after their
departure from Basra to Safwan, 60 km to the south of Basra, towards
Kuwait.," confirming that the Strategic Highay had not witnessed any
violence acts during the withdrawal.

Noteworthy is that the Strategic Treaty, signed between Baghdad and
Washington in 2008, the American forces were to completely withdraw
from Iraq by the end of December next.



US Forces withdrawal from Iraq continues, Iraqi Military source says