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Finance Committee discussed proposals that will create balance between USD and IQD

Posted: April 11, 2013

الصناعة والداخلية

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, the committee discussed several proposals to create a balance between the U.S. dollar exchange rate and the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, adding that proposals relating to tax Emark and civil and open banks in all provinces.

He Mutlaq told the independent press (Iba) “The recent period has seen a big rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against الدينارالعراقي a result of some action taken by the Central Bank مادفع Committee of Finance to submit several proposals at its recent creation of balance and equality between the dollar and the Iraqi dinar.”

And between al-Mutlaq said that “the most important proposals considered by the Finance Committee, which will be applied on the ground include some procedures related Emark and tax rates and other measures related to the Central Bank and the opening of banks civil and determine the interest rate in addition to the opening credits of banks civil and governmental significantly.”

He stressed that “the more credits today limited to the Bank of TBE government that determines remittances scope is too narrow, calling” to opening credits largest in all provinces and banks to expand the banking business, and to be transfers through credits and not through (Cache) or criticism, stressing that All of these important factors will help to stabilize the currency and equity between Ataralammeraki and the Iraqi dinar.

source :  Iraq Independent Press Agency News


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