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Iran Finance 2016 (FINEX)

Iran Finance 2016

Iran’s imminent re-engagement with the global financial system will quickly result in a period of sustained expansion that will generate significant opportunities for international investors willing to act decisively.

This conference will be the largest and most high-powered event on the country’s financial and banking sector in more than a decade. Iran Finance 2016 will provide exclusive insights into the government’s policies for the financial sector and how the Iranian banks are preparing to reintegrate into the global financial system.

Under the patronage of Deputy President of Iran and the presence of many senior government officials as well as the leaders of Iran Stock Exchange, Banks and Insurance companies, Iran Finance 2016 will reconnect leaders from the financial sector, banks and capital market institutions with their respective international counterparts.

Foreign banks are once again allowed to deal with Iran. At the same time Iranian banks are being readmitted to the electronic SWIFT global payments system, which will boost the liquidity of Iranian banks and allow them to return to normal operations. No longer a pariah and frozen out of the international banking system and its foreign trade depressed by sanctions, Iran will quickly seek to rejuvenate its economy with the country’s financial sector playing a key role.

Iran Finance 2016

With a population of nearly 80 million people and an extensive and diversified economy, Iran has the second largest GDP in the Middle East and ranks as the most significant country to re-join the global economy since early 1980s. With its diversified civil economy and fully developed financial institutions in need of foreign capital, Iran offers a very high potential for a rapid ROI.

The stimulus to Iran’s economy is likely to be immense with a boom expected to generate tens of billions of dollars of business for both local and foreign companies. Many envisage Iran emulating the expansion of Asia’s “tiger economies” during their years of accelerated expansion.

The moment for meaningful dialogue has arrived. Iran Finance 2016 provides the means to restore ties and build bridges linking to an economy which has depth and sophistication and could turn into an engine of growth for the whole region.

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